“I am thankful we are part of a school district that recognizes access to mental health as an important part of student success.”


“I’m so grateful for the Fondy Cares Program that is helping my son navigate some difficult times during middle school. My job makes it difficult for me to get away to take my children to appointments, so having therapy access during the school day for him has been so nice. Thank you to the Fond du Lac School District for this opportunity.”


“My daughter’s therapist’s guidance and encouragement through the past 6 months has been amazing. My daughter’s confidence has blossomed and she has gained the skills to control her anxiety, anger and self doubt.”


“I’m really glad we have Fondy Cares and that referrals can be made by any staff member, not just classroom teachers. As a high school athletic coach, I have been able to collaborate with the school psychologist to start the referral process for one of my athletes. This referral has been impacted by my experience with the athlete both on and off the field. In talking with them about their ACT score and path towards college it was brought to my attention that the anxiety I see on the field is also impacting the classroom and possibly their collegiate future. Thanks to Fondy Cares the athlete is learning a different way to cope with anxiety. Fondy Cares is a phenomenal resource for all staff members within the district.”