How To Get Started

School District Staff Referral

School personnel along with Student Concern Team, SEL Team or PLC identifies that a student would benefit from mental health therapy in the FONDY CARES Program.

Administrator, school counselor or school nurse completes a therapy referral form and submits to school counselor.

School Counselor contacts parent/guardian to discuss program and gauge interest in the program.

If interest in the program, school counselor refers to the mental health navigator. Parent/guardian will be contacted by the mental health navigator to schedule a meeting so the parent/guardian can receive and fill out paperwork for the child to begin program. Assistance with filling out forms will be given if needed.

The mental health navigator will call the provider that was selected by parent/guardian and set up first therapy appointment. Parent/guardian may be notified of the date and time for the first appointment.

Parent/guardian may be asked to attend the intake appointment with their child.