Candice Kreis, MA, LPC-IT – Rawhide Youth & Family Counseling

By Customer Care February 14, 2020

Candice is a Licensed Professional Counselor-In Training, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management from Concordia University, a Master’s Degree of Arts Degree in Counseling from Lakeland College with a Community Counseling emphasis. Candice has been trained and is certified in: CAMS Framework in Management of Suicide Risk Collaboratively and Safe Environment Education for Community Youth training, and CPT.

Candice has psychotherapy experience with individuals, families and couples with a wide variety of mental health concerns. She believes in engaging her clients where they are and working with them as they grow to find their voice and become self-empowered in an environment centered on integrity and trust. You will experience her unique passion as she uses her creative, collaborative approach to develop an exclusive and adjustable plan that fits you on your journey. Candice works in the Fond du Lac area.