Ashley Lamers, MSE, LPC, NCC – Hold Fast Counseling Services, LLC

By Customer Care August 18, 2021

Mental health is an ongoing process, and sometimes it can feel crushing. Maybe you’ve been feeling unwell for a while, maybe it’s a brand new feeling for you, or maybe it comes and goes over time. Wherever you are in your process, you don’t have to figure it out alone. I opened Hold Fast Counseling Services, LLC to collaborate with clients to build awareness and insights, fortify internal and relational connections, develop meaning in the intersections of our experiences and identities, support development and expression of gratitude and joy, and flourish.

I’m a heartspace, loves to laugh, lust for life, full range of ugly and beauty, true-blue kind of person and provider. I am hopeful that together we can discover healthier and truer ways of living, keep hope alive, live with humor and humility, and hold fast to your dreams and authentic self.

Empowerment is vital in your mental wellness journey. Working as a team in therapy with me, you will lead by setting your boundaries, pace, and goals, and I will support with compassion, strength building, and genuine feedback. If you’re interested and ready to embark on this journey together, reach out to me today!